I am so excited to share my freshest resource with you! This product has been a long time coming.  But first, just a little background. Every resource has a story.  I create each and every resource in my store because of a need I have or had in my classroom.  I can be opinionated, argumentative, and to put it nicely- passionate. But it all comes for a good reason, I want what’s best for my students.  So, in the heart… Read more »

Hello Summer! AND Hello, NEW BLOG DESIGN!! I am very excited to be writing my first blog post on my new blog design by Alexis at Laugh Eat Learn Designs.   She is amazing.  If you are in the market for a new blog design, I HIGHLY recommend her.  Let me tell you how long it took me to 1) Find a designer for WordPress and 2) Choose a design that fits me.  Alexis was both.  She was so amazing and… Read more »

Well, I’m not even going to discuss how I completely skipped over December and moved right along into the New Year. Not yet, anyway. I have been in creation-crossing stuff off the list-spending time with family-exercising-trying not to eat *too* much crap-organizing the house-wondering where Christmas vacation is going (????)-mode. So, December is leaving us tomorrow and I want to do a little reflecting on some things I have done that have worked this year or in previous years that… Read more »

Our Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch from October! 🙂   Titan + Me Ryan + Titan <3 Family Photo at the Pumpkin Patch! Hi friends! I hope your November is full of crisp, cool air and crunching leaves.  My November has been filled with Florida humidity.  It is this time of year when I truly miss Alabama and living somewhere that has more than two seasons. I am so happy we found a cute little pumpkin patch this season.  This… Read more »

Hi friends! I just wanted to come out of the abyss and say hello! Also, I wanted to recap my year so far (it’s been nothing less than CRAZY).  Plus I have some ideas and Fall resources to share with your!I know that I am not alone when I say Fall is my FAVORITE SEASON!  🙂  We started getting the holiday decorations set up on Labor Day Weekend! I have decided that this will be a new tradition.  Labor Day… Read more »