Well, I’ve got no good excuses.  I’ve been MIA for TOO LONG. So here is the run down of my life lately: I HEART Pure Barre! Get the deal on Living Social if you live in the Clearwater Area.  If not, find a deal in your area and try it.  55 minutes a day will change your life! Summer is here! I am enjoying every minute of it and stepping into my summer groove. Loads of New TpT products posted!… Read more »

Happy Friday! What a week! Let me start off by patting myself on the back for TWO blog posts this week!    Today’s post is a link up Blogger Product Swap with Learning to Be Awesome and The Core of Grade 4.  I have had the pleasure of using the The Core of Grade 4’s Math Concept Posters in my classroom. So, let’s get right to it.  I am excited to share this product with you! So, Math is not my… Read more »

Woohoo! Halfway through another week! Well, it only took 3 weeks before I completed another post.  I admire other teacher bloggers who are able to post more consistently than I.  How do you do it?!?  I don’t feel like I have stopped to breathe in the past month since coming back from Christmas Vacation!  However, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, which is motivation right there! Enough about how I haven’t been blogging and on to the blogging.  I… Read more »

Guess what day it is….Guess what day it is…Mike, Mike, Mike….It’s HUMP DAY! Woot! Woot!  Oh, I crack myself up  Seriously though…ready for Friday!   Happy Wednesday, friends!  Today, I am doing my FIRST EVER link up with one of my all time favorite teacher blogs Mrs. Stanford’s Class.  Before I even tell you about my Hump Day Highlight, I just have to say that if you ever need any techy help, you should check out her blog and YouTube… Read more »

Happy New Year!  It’s only Day 2 of 2015, but I’m already feeling the hope, change, & excitement of the upcoming year.  One of my hugest unofficial New Year’s Resolutions is to BLOG MORE!!  Long before I started TPTing , I LOVED reading blogs so much that I decided to create my own.  This poor little piece of my world needs some TLC!  So, like many seasoned bloggers, I adding some structure to my post and beginning my first weekly… Read more »