Hi guys! And… Hello August!  August always means the last wee bit of Summer! As teachers, it is both exciting and nervewracking! I am pumped for this school year because it will be my 2nd year in 4th grade.  Hopefully, my forever home-because I HEART 4th Grade! I am technically still on my vacation of the Summer (a post on that to come:) ), but I had to link up with The Speech Room News for the What’s in your… Read more »

One Two of my favorite craft lessons to teach in Writing  are Leads and Endings.  The lead of a story is what captures are readers attention, piques their interest, and invites them to read more.  The end of a story closes the door, gives a senses of closure to the story as a whole, and leaves the reader a little bit smarter, compassionate, or simply entertained.  I have learned from some of the best mentors in the world, the power of… Read more »

Happy Saturday to you! Pardon the construction around here! I’ve been experimenting with some backgrounds and style to this little old blog.  And THAT is time consuming! 🙂 I hope your Saturday is relaxing as it is around this house.  We have a very hard day planned of catching up on Shark Week shows, snacking, and watching a couple of movies.  We’ve got Jupiter Ascending and Kingsman: The Secret Service Agent on the lineup.  I may have messed up those titles…… Read more »

I hope this post finds you relaxing and enjoying all Summer has to offer.  Summer is my favorite time of year to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate myself inside and out.  I have spent time working on some of my fitness goals, personal growth goals, and family goals.  Since I feel like my summer will start to dwindle to close and will be gone before I know it, I wanted to take a moment and recap in a list and photos… Read more »

Hi! Happy Thursday to you! I am currently working on a Personal Narrative Writing Unit to kick off the beginning of the school year and I was writing some of the Teacher Notes, etc. and apparently went off on a tangent about teachers keeping Writer’s Notebook.  If you keep your own Writer’s Notebook, then you need to give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for your effective teaching.  In the past couple of years, I have watched teachers collectively… Read more »